How to Have the Best Relationship with Your Hardwood Floors

It is all fun and games during the summer months until the dreaded humidity strikes. Often, families stay inside their air-conditioned homes or go on day trips to indoor facilities to escape the dry air and seek relief. Not only does humidity affect us, but it also affects those households with hardwood flooring.

We all want the perfect floor for our home. You want a floor that can handle heavy foot traffic on the busiest of days, a floor that is strong enough to handle the hardest of falls, and a floor that is built for a long-term commitment. You want your floors to increase the value of your property, and hardwood does just that.

Hardwood brings warmth and beauty to your home, is easy to clean and maintain, and most importantly, hardwood is often offered in a variety of styles, stains and colors to fit your style.

While there are many perks to choosing hardwood, these floors do run into a little bit of trouble when humidity strikes. Moisture, which is a direct result from the humidity, causes hardwood floors to warp and buckle, and an increase in humidity is also an increase in your problems.

To prevent any warping in your beautiful flooring, make sure to keep the humidity levels low by running the air conditioner, as this will not only keep your home cool, but it will also pull the moisture out of your floors, leaving both you and your hardwood floors happy.

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4 Hot Summer Design Tips

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your interiors for the upcoming season of sunshine! If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry, we have the 4 hottest tips for transforming your home for summer.

#1 Bring the Ocean Inside

Go coastal and incorporate beach colors such as sandy tan, sky blue or bright corals to your space. Do this through the use of accent pieces such as throw pillows or clear vases to bring the beach atmosphere inside without the sandy floors.

Innovia Touch in Lady Mountainview

#2 Make Your Room Pop

Choose one color that represents summer to you and incorporate it by adding a few pieces to your room. We love the energy that yellow brings, so a throw pillow or curtains adds instant brightness to your space.

Innovia Touch in Time and Again

#3 Don’t Underestimate Neutrals

For good reason too! A neutral-based room is perfect for those owners that like to change décor with each season. Even better, neutrals remind us of summers at the beach, so bring in a bright blue to bring ultimate relaxation inside.

Purstone in Emperador Travertine Fawn

#4 Design with Flowers

The simple touch of fresh flowers is enough to make your room more welcoming. Flowers bring a beautiful pop of color to your room, along with a fresh scent!

Floorcraft in Millwood Way

What’s your favorite way to decorate for the summer?