Geometric Flooring Ideas for Your Home

From textiles, to flooring and kitchen backsplashes, geometric trends made a big splash in 2018 home décor and this hot design trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019! Follow along to see how you can use angular shapes and different flooring hues to create a unique and trendy look for your home’s interior.

Hexagon tiles have been a classic shape in flooring for years. When paired with the right decor, you can leverage this type of flooring to create a vintage ambiance. Expect to see this tile shape paired with retro-inspired furniture in this year’s home decor.

Hexagon tiles can create an ultra-modern and sleek look in your kitchen. When paired with sharp lines, metal accents, and black and grey decor, it’s the ideal foundation to a minimalist-inspired design.

Herringbone and chevron patterns are perfect for those who want to spice up the decor in their home, but with a more simple design. We recommend using a tone of flooring that has a variety of greys and whites to add depth to your overall space.

This year we’ll see less solid squares and more elongated, uniquely styled tiles. Piece together a variety of textures and tones to create an eye-catching pattern. If you already have solid furniture in the room, opt for a tile that has a range of tones to elevate the overall design and you won’t need to change anything else!

A classic wood-look plank will never go out of style; however homeowners are looking to be more playful with the flooring they are installing in their homes. Take a risk this year and blend your two favorite wood shades into a multi-toned pattern that’s neutral enough to work with any color, yet adds enough drama to stand alone with whites and greys.

What room would you add geometric flooring to?

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